Photo by Ella Hancock

FM premiere: Bighead Tea Drinkers unleash indie-rock frenzy with anthemic single ‘Hours’

“This song is better than anything we have done before, I think. Our sound has massively matured since we came together"
15th December 2023

Brighton’s dynamic quartet, Bighead Tea Drinkers, is back with an infectious indie-rock anthem that’s set to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. Their latest offering, Hours, not only showcases the band’s explosive live sound but also exhibits a fresh and distinctive take on indie rock, bridging rock undertones with a commercial edge and intricate depth.

In a genre-spanning exploration, Hours draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, weaving influences from Lana Del Rey to Deftones. The result is a track that stands out with its vibrant and instantly likable indie-alternative sound. Built around a wall of distorted guitar lines, the track’s driving drums and bass inject euphoric energy, while the vocals deliver earworm melodies that resonate against reflective, melancholic lyricism.

Bighead Tea Drinkers, comprised of Kian Ramsay on bass, Marshall Tyce on drums, Ellie Hart on lead guitar, and Freddie Brindle on lead vocals and guitar, has evolved into a headline band, capturing their matured sound in Hours. The single is a testament to their growth as musicians and producers, as they confidently navigate a fuller, more dynamic sonic landscape.

Photo by Ella Hancock

Reflecting on the band’s evolution, Marshall (Drummer/Producer) shares insights into the creation of Hours“This song is better than anything we have done before, I think. Our sound has massively matured since we came together and ‘Hours’ is the first of what we have to offer in this new era of our band.The sound of this song is far more full than any of our previous releases as we’re more confident with our instruments and me and Kian are much better as producers than we were when we recorded our first material.”

With a series of packed-out headline shows in Brighton and Essex, Bighead Tea Drinkers has been steadily building momentum, fuelled by the success of their breakout single Tokyo, which has garnered nearly 20,000 streams on Spotify. Now, with ‘Hours,’ the band aims to cement their status as ones to watch on a national scale, delivering a fluorescent example of their musical prowess and growth.

Hours emerges as a powerful statement, showcasing Bighead Tea Drinkers’ ability to craft anthems that resonate with audiences far and wide. With an upcoming national presence on the horizon, this Brighton four-piece is poised to captivate listeners with their infectious energy and distinctive sound.