FM premiere. ‘Big Water’ by Noah Solt

"It’s my attempt at recapturing the feeling of being out in the middle of an ocean.”
10 April 2024

A Sonic Voyage Inspired by the Sea

Singer-songwriter Noah Solt unveils his latest single, Big Water, under Starita Records, offering a fresh take on indie pop with ambient undertones reminiscent of the vast open ocean.

Inspired by his experiences as a sailor, Solt explores themes of self-reflection and hope in the song. Raised in the Colorado Rockies, he transitioned from Berklee College of Music to a life at sea during the pandemic.

Big Water’ captures the ebb and flow of the ocean“, Solt shares, emphasizing his attempt to convey its vastness. Recorded at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, the track features textured instrumentation and creative sonic elements. Solt explains: “Thematically, the song is closest to the main theme of the entire album and a personal favorite. It’s my attempt at recapturing the feeling of being out in the middle of an ocean.”

“We prioritized texture and sonics over rigid song structures,” notes producer Starita. “The result is a composition that immerses listeners in a state of calm, echoing the ocean’s expanse. You will hear that we focused more on texture and sonics rather than a rigid formulaic song structure. I was most excited to see what the Muscle Shoals studio musicians would do with an open-format composition that really had no rules, like Big Water.’ It was clear that they thrived on having this creative freedom to allow things to flow. I hope the listener is transported to an open sense of calm when listening to this song.”

The incorporation of sitar during the recording process added depth to the track, enhancing its atmospheric quality. The collaboration between Solt and the Slow Burners studio band yielded a mesmerizing composition reflecting Solt’s life on the ocean. “At Fame Studios, there was a specially built guitar that had sympathetic strings like a sitar laying around. We had no idea how it would sound and as soon as Trevor McKay started playing it we all said, “That’s it!”

Speaking on the track, Noah concludes, “It’s my life experience on the ocean and translating that for a song is a beautiful way for me to not only share, but process my own story.”

As Noah Solt continues his musical voyage, Big Water signifies his artistic evolution and previews the captivating music yet to come.