FM Premiere: BECOMING YOUNG Melts Your Troubles Away In New Album FEELING SINGLE

By Vasco Dega

Becoming Young (Brandon Calano) has always been one to lead others into trouble and flirt with the idea of temptation, but now that temptation is his latest album.

The eight-track album Feeling Single infuses pop beats and creative narratives that the Nashville-based singer/songwriter has been creating since he became an artist with lyricism so realistic it allows the listener to really delve into the lyrics and feel every beat.

The new album follows the honesty about relationships and how messy life can get, but it’s also something new and fresh.  The musician provides tracks that many fans have been wanting to listen to and it’s clear to see that it was worth the wait.

The latest music is an example of what Brandon can bring to any table, but with the current climate in mind, he’s bringing ear-candy music to the masses whilst it feels like the world is on fire.