FM PREMIERE: Baytrees unveils vibrant video for feel-good anthem ‘Sunshine’

"We wanted to create an instant party. What is life if not one long ass party?"
21 March 2023

Sunshine by Baytrees is a feel-good jam that draws on the energy of the sun and celebrates summertime. It’s an inspiring song about the time of year.

Since 2018, London-based four-piece Baytrees have been combining hip-hop beats, funk rock licks and addictive pop hooks to create their own sound. The latest release Sunshine is an ode to the sun and its positive vibes. The new single has a wonderfully lush and vibrant video to accompany.

Lead singer/songwriter Mensah Hart explains, “I wrote Sunshine on a gloomy, rainy day. I had had enough of cold weather and wanted to be back home in Jamaica or in the sunshine of Barcelona or Ibiza – both second homes to me and places I love to visit. I wanted to create something that could automatically transport myself and the listeners somewhere else. We wanted to create an instant party. What is life if not one long ass party?”

He shared some more information about their new single Sunshine: “Musically, the guitars and synth are inspired by Earth Wind and Fire, Micheal Jackson Talking Heads, Gap Band, J Hus, Metronomy, and Daft Punk. I like to listen to music new and old when I’m in the creative process as it always sets me up to create something fresh. Lyrically, the song is about having a positive outlook on life and living to the fullest. It’s also about gratitude to really feel grateful for each day of life. Tomorrow is not promised so let’s love the process.”

Mensah and Kwame Hart are bros who make up the band Baytrees. Mensah does songwriting, producing, singing, keyboarding, guitar playing and more while Kwame handles the bass guitar. The talented brothers are backed up by Marcus Harris and Cujoe Ryan. Marcus plays drums and sings, while Cujoe rocks the guitar and keys.

Brixton-hailing Baytrees worked with the renowned Gianna Nannini on her album La Differenza and it was a huge success – it actually made it all the way to number 2 in Italy’s charts.

The band members have been involved in lots of gigs supporting some big names like The Sex Pistols, Kano and the legendary Rolling Stones.