FM Premiere: AXEL HILL Presents LOVEBIRDS On Absent Mind

By Holly Frith

Sweden’s Axel Hill is bringing out his newest sound today, and we are delighted to premiere it. Landing on the super cool label Absent Mind is Lovebirds, which is a chance to encounter his rich level of production. 

As a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter as well as producer, Axel Hill draws on inspiration from pop, electronic and R&B – delivering smooth beats with flecks of percussion and a heartfelt top-line. 

He says: ‘’Lovebirds is about not going too fast into a relationship, giving the other person time to reflect and figure out what they want. Lovebirds addresses my everyday surroundings and thoughts, resulting in a conclusion of me wanting out and an over excitement from her. The arrangement of the song is uplifting though with an inconvenient situation, filled with rythmentical guitars and big exciting synthesizers. I don’t see anyone to blame in this situation and feel like, “We had a good run, but maybe not for now”. There are no hard feelings, I’m just not the right person for you.’’ Take a first listen below.