atleCharming Scandinavia troubadour, model and TV personality ATLE, shares a fittingly stylish video to accompany his equally sleek and smooth R&B number, titled ‘Ready To Love’, released on July 1st.

Speaking about his first UK release, Norwegian The X Factor’s runner up, reveals: “I’ve wanted to bring my music to the UK since I was a kid…Now it feels like it’s my time. I never imagined my music would go in this R&B direction—it takes time to find yourself as an artist – but it all feels so right. Now, I’m where I want to be. I’m ready to put my whole heart into it.”
ATLE2On his experience on TV, he recalls: “I was just a regular guy before the show trying to be a professional musician. Suddenly, the show brought on this huge change. Newspapers started covering me, and people started yelling my name in the streets…It was madness”