FM PREMIERE: Ashlynn Malia’s wonderfully raw and soulful ‘From The Moon – Voice Memo’

"It's about the times when life leaves you behind and the world seems to keep spinning without you."
12 March 2023

Ashlynn Malia, a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who made waves on TikTok, premieres here on FM From The Moon – Voice Memo, her gorgeous third single from the upcoming EP (called Navigating Galaxies – out March 21st via Jullian Records).

Malia‘s track is wonderfully raw and soulful with her voice and one instrument recorded on her phone’s voice memo app. She shares her innermost thoughts and emotions through her songs. It’s a great way to get a glimpse into her world.

She draws influence from Lorde and FKA Twigs, and her music stands out as it’s incredibly honest and personal. Malia’s rather intriguing ‘Navigating Galaxies’ is a super personal tale about her struggles with anxiety and building relationships.

It really gets into the nitty-gritty of all she went through. She reveals; “If making those connections means enduring all the overthinking, insecurity, growing pains, abandonment, rejection, questioning of my own self-worth and blurring of my mental vision, then I’d rather be alone where I’m safe from that type of pain.”

She says: “From The Moon – Voice Memo is about the times when life leaves you behind and the world seems to keep spinning without you. What I care about most when it comes to music is connection. I write about connection and I write to connect with people. I think that’s why releasing something as vulnerable as a collection of voice memos appeals to me (and also lowkey scares the shit out of me). If I’m honest about the things that I struggle with or think about, it might make someone who stumbles across my work less alone and maybe even excited that someone else shares the same thoughts they don’t always feel safe enough to talk about. The whole release strategy of this EP is taking a more personal route. Reaching out to my audience organically through TikToks that aren’t too ‘polished’ or perfect. More tearing down that wall between artist and consumer and inviting the people who give their time to listening to me into my mind and my process.”

Ashlynn Malia’s is going to be performing at Theo Kandel’s show in LA on March 31st as part of his 2023 spring tour. Tickets are available here. She’ll also be playing SXSW!

Photo by Amanda Kealii