FM PREMIERE: Arliston unveils stunning video for evocative and nostalgic song ‘Pisco Sours’

"The memory of them is transformed into some delicious, glowing nectar"
21 April 2023

London-based indie pop duo Arliston has dropped their latest single, Pisco Sours, on their own record label Sob Story Records. Jack Ratcliffe and George Hasbury, have their 4th EP coming up with help from drummers Sylvan Strauss and Sam Catchpole as well as horn players Dan Berry and Sam Scott.

Arliston reveals a breath-taking video, filmed, directed and produced by Bo Morgan, for the reminiscent and nostalgic song Pisco Sours.

Pisco Sours begins with an electronic rhythm that is disjointed, but then passes to a softer percussion and a piano melody.

This song takes you on a journey, flying through dark clouds to a symbolic clearing in the woods, where you discover the clarity found on a former relationship. Vocalist Jack explained:

“I’m often eyeing up exits at parties and have a general inclination towards the anti-social so this one felt like an opportunity to get all of my grievances out on the page. I suffer from ‘the grass-is-greener-itis’. Usually, I will wind up thinking of someone or someplace that isn’t there and deifying it/them to an unhealthy point. For example, I actually hate Pisco Sours, its a horrible, horrible drink made from battery acid and evil. But, somehow, in the context of a party I don’t want to be at, the memory of them is transformed into some delicious, glowing nectar and I find myself wanting to be back there, drinking them with the person in the memory more than anything else.”

George added: “I love the combination of the 80’s toms and the soft Juno synth in the verses, it felt like we’d really tapped into something special when we listened back to the first bounce. There’s something so evocative and nostalgic about the soundscape in this one, it really takes you somewhere”.

Their unique blend of spaced tunes and dreamlike harmonies has caught our attention since their superb 2018 EP, Hawser Plus, and the equally awesome EP Even in the Shade in 2022.

The new track follows How In Heaven and is the second instalment of Arliston‘s upcoming EP to be released in the early summer of 2023.

This really cool combination of indie pop music comes from a bunch of talented creatives who have turned their ideas into something amazing.

Arliston possesses a unique sound which captures the perfect balance between tension and warmth. If you love the music of James Blake, The National or Bon Iver, then this is a great place for you!