FM Premiere | Anomic Soul’s ‘Machine’ Video

‘Machine’ is the ideal introduction to Anomic Soul’s sound explosion, a clever & overpowering merge of bass-driven electronic rock, dark- wave and indie vibe. The suitably mind blowing, self-produced video stars Emma Cain. Featuring Actual Size & Cathy Morphew on vocals, the trio’s strong debut single is a modern tale of love, power and destruction.

Hailing from Nottingham, Anomic Soul is the intriguing project by self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer and writer Jamie Shrivastava (aka Jamie 80), Six By Seven / Spotlight Kid drummer, Chris Davis, and EDM producer Jonny Neal (aka Mr.5)

Jamie explains…”‘Anomic’ means a state or person with no social normality or value. The continuing theme throughout the album is that everyone is more of a solitary unit, unaware of the overall picture of society around them. Anomic Soul takes a very different slant on soul, our sound is soul without order.”

Anomic Soul’s debut single ‘Machine’ and debut album ‘AS1’ are released simultaneously on 24 August.