Wide Awake’ is the newest creation by ANIMAI that is out today, the addictive track features DJ/Producer Fish with electronica soundscapes that will make anyone feel the soulful vibes.  

The self produced Singer-Songwriter, ANIMAI, established herself in London’s underground bass music scene as a session singer/topline writer since 2013, and she has been releasing her own music with notable features along the way.

The electronica rollacoaster of features from Fabric’s resident DJ, Cimm, to several performances at Outlook Festival in Croatia, however she’s also known for multiple PA’s across London’s club scene that have shown off the sumptuous vocals that allow for ANIMAI to be written into the history books. 

The producer has been showing off her first love, electronica music, in this new track and it’s clear to see that the incorporation of jazz harmonies and live instrumentation has worked to perfection.

One thing that needs to be addressed is the combined beats that allow clever lyricism with infusions of soulful vocals and hypnotic beats to talk about mental health issues and it’s paid off in this new track.