FM Premiere | AMiR’s SIN

Eclectic North-London Disco-Pop singer/songwriter AMiR, drops an electro-funk bliss called Sin. It’s the perfect introduction to his lushly catchy yet relevant album All Or Nothing (out 17th May).

AMiR reveals: “I wrote this when my life wasn’t going the right way and I was a bit reckless in my decision making, but here is what came out. My new single SIN …He adds: “The pressure in the industry of having to cater to “British Asian standards” just doesn’t sit well with me. The Asian Network have helped me get that message across. I’m lucky with my family as they have never pressured me to be something I’m not. But it’s not the same for some of my friends. They have to service the family name before they are allowed to be happy, which ultimately messes us all up.”

Photo by Karim Abdul