FM PREMIERE: ‘All My Heart’ by The Helltones 

"Sometimes I just get incredibly sick of it, sick of her, sick of myself. I'm not even sure why, though I know it's Love with a capital L."
22 August 2023

If you’re searching for a stunning introduction to the musical world of The Helltones, All My Heart is the way to go.

This track seamlessly weaves together elements of psychedelic surf, soul-infused Americana, and vintage rhythm and blues, creating an extraordinary musical fusion.

It’s like embarking on a sonic journey that stretches across eras and genres in a unique and compelling experience.

Lifted from their upcoming album Medusa, slated for release on November 17, All My Heart stands out as a light of contemporary doo-wop vibes with a sun-kissed twist.

With its meticulous blend of harmonious backing vocals, sunlit handclaps, a hypnotic organ, and fiercely resonating guitar riffs, the track emanates a cinematic quality, enveloping the listener in an alternate reality.

Darwin Siegaldoud, the mastermind behind most of Oakland band’s fresh garage rock tunes, shares, All My Heart is about me and my partner. I love her and our relationship is definitely one of the most important things in my life. But sometimes I just get incredibly sick of it, sick of her, sick of myself. I’m not even sure why, though I know it’s Love with a capital L. I wrote this song to explore that feeling.”

All My Heart embodies the essence of a vibrant beach soirée infused with a wildly infectious surf-disco atmosphere. It’s a concoction of mixed emotions—blending happiness and melancholy. The lyrics narrate a tale of apparent perfection on paper, yet struggling to genuinely express one’s affection. It’s reminiscent of blending Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” with indie rock and serving up a chilled daiquiri.

Remarkably, Darwin Siegaldoud‘s journey with the guitar commenced at eight in Santa Barbara, CA, but it evolved into a means of artistic expression after college. His stay at an Israeli kibbutz near Haifa after graduating marked a transformational phase.

The band’s earlier EPs like Poltergeist (2018) and Lazarus (2020) chronicle their trajectory through challenging times and self-discovery. The 2021 EP The Helltones encompasses their initial compositions, with Cairo McCockran stepping in as the drummer after Paul Bowman’s departure the same year.

The upcoming album Medusa delves into themes of love, addiction, confrontations, and reconciliations—essentially, the tumultuous odyssey of adulthood.

The Helltones are: singer/songwriter Darwin Siegaldoud, guitar Nathan Moody, drum Cairo McCockran, organ Victoria Sepe, bass Shane Lawton and vocal Kristin McReddie.

Their Surf-Soul-Rock n Roll music is all about a delicate balance between soul grieving and exuberant vitality. Being open to vulnerability is necessary for connecting with others on a deeper level, while maintaining an alluring sun-kissed twist.

Photo by Ian Castro