Smartly engaging alt-pop artist Alex Rushfirth, presents his his new single ‘I Live It’. An impressive and sweetly brainy electro pop gem, from a truly multi-talented musician and visual artist…”strong person in aging body making art till I die”.

Rushfirth reveals: “I make music to escape the physicality of my body, recording vibrations in the air and bottling them up inside a computer away from the physical actions that create the sounds…I made the whole thing in my bedroom in trance. I wasn’t expecting to end up with something so structured, ornate and poppy, but I flowed with what was happening. I wanted the vocals to be recounting feelings of the past – grasping at a narrative, a meaning. They are warped to sound like they are being sung by an excitable small child, mirroring how we remember things – our memories warp to suit the narrative we are trying to tell. This forces seemingly random events in the past into a structure that makes them seem inevitable and destined.”