Zurich, Switzerland based Indie-Folk duo Alas The Sun – Anja Tremp and Sandro Raschle – released their debut single Absence of Time a few months ago and managed to create quite a bit of a buzz in their homeland. Now the duo is back with a new single, which is also the title track of their debut album You And Your Love set for release on October 25th via Taxi Gauche Records. 

FM is delighted to host the exclusive Video premiere of this captivating new song by a very promising act and confirm album details.

You And Your Love, the band’s new single comes out this Friday September 13th. It is a song born out of the thoughts and conversations they had during a week-long getaway in a cabin in the alps…Among and into vast landscapes they walked, roaming wild creeks for hours upon hours not knowing where they would end up…And this is exactly what the song sounds like: It has a free spirit yet it feels like you’re in safe hands.

According to the band, it was their first attempt at co-writing: “The song feels conversational, spontaneous and therefore authentic. The key moment was when we came up with the line “You and your love”. It serves as mantra and is a strong point of reference, a simple phrase that – to us – perfectly sums up the sentiment we wanted to convey.” 

Pre-save the song if you like what you hear: presave.io/t/youandyourlove