A soulful slice of classic pop from Oklahoma troubadour

By Frank Bell

Sliding in slickly on a bed of drums and guitars, Build A Fire is the kind of classic soul cut we’re told they don’t make any more. With a falsetto chorus and slinky stabs of strings and brass adding to the funky familiarity of its rising melody and wah-wah guitars, this is a tune you’ll be humming from spring into summer.

“I dream of finding my way home tonight,” sings ace guitarist and critically acclaimed songwriter Douglas, as the music behind holds him up with righteous riffs and a driving beat. The strings have a Brian Wilson vibe, the horns remain soulfully Stax-esque and the guitar solos scream out like Lenny Kravitz from a nineties radio – but Build A Fire is a single that transcends time and influences thanks to its emotional lyrics and sensual singing.

“I see your face, I see that dress come down” sings Douglas as the steam powering the song rises and settles in your soul.


Photo by Torgrim Halvari