FM Premiere | Adam Cola STYLIN Video

California based, smart pop singer Adam Cola, premieres uplifting electro-pop gem STYLIN… Pour yourself a Cola. Dance. Be free. Drink the ephemeral and say hello to eternal.

Adam explains: STYLIN is a funky, throwback-feeling pop song about living your best life in style… It’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it that really counts… Having confidence in what you wear is the greatest expression of individuality.  It’s a way to make a statement without saying a word. As the saying goes, when you look good, you feel good.”

He adds“Be comfortable living without labels. By living my truth, I let who I am speak for itself. I want to brighten lives and empower people with my music. I want to inspire people to be fearless, feel sexy, and dare to be different. I want to be a beacon of light for people who struggle with the need to fit into a certain category in order to feel accepted.”

“The biggest freedom was letting go of aspects about me that were once disapproved and instead being true to myself.” he confesses.