FM PREMIERE: Abby Nissenbaum unveils a touching video to accompany ‘Glass Half Full’

"It's a lesbian/queer heartbreak anthem capturing the anguish of betrayal in a relationship"
23 June 2023

Abby Nissenbaum, a kickass indie-rock artist from Nashville who’s also part of the LGBTQ+ community, just released the ideal music video for Glass Half Full. The song is in her first EP, Unreliable Narrator.

Glass Half Full is a blend of lo-fi electronics and indie-rock vibes with a pop twist. The final result is a modern eclectic gem that will not fail to shine!

When the chorus strikes, prepare for an explosion of guitar riffs and epic synths that will take you on a wild ride. Nissenbaum‘s vocals will send shivers down your spine as the track ends with an emotional and cinematic finale. It’s all a matter of smelling the music and letting it take over!

Abby and Christian were the couple that everyone thought would last forever… until Christian met Kerri”.

Speaking about the track, she explains: 

“Glass Half Full is a lesbian/queer heartbreak anthem capturing the anguish of betrayal in a relationship. The music video plays out like a short film, with director Morgan Jergens masterfully capturing the intense beauty of a Sapphic relationship alongside the pain at each fracture as it falls apart. I chose a Pride Month release for this music video to highlight the power and realness of LGBTQ+ relationships, even as the world continues to question our legitimacy.” 

Nissenbaum‘s latest EP is seriously impressive! It combines alternative pop, folk and even subtle electronics, cool basslines and guitar riffs, giving it an infectious indie-rock sound.

The EP was made in both Los Angeles and Nashville, with the help of some really talented producers, Riley Geare and Matt Qualls. They’ve worked with some big names like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Caroline Rose, Blvck Hippie and Speck Joliet.

The EP dropped in 2022 and had three singles released. The standout track was Funeral Processiona‘, which was slow and eerie with a killer trombone feature from YouTube’s top-brass artist, Christopher Bill (who also worked on the music for Stranger Things).

Unreliable Narrator is a superb collection of tunes that explore themes such as depression, feelings of isolation, heartbreak, addiction and the struggle for confidence.

You’re in for a treat with this EP because the songs are packed with raw emotion and depth. Get ready to be amazed at powerful musical moments.

She’s a trained soprano and has performed in musical theatre. However, she decided to pursue a career in social psychology and data analytics. It wasn’t until she was studying for her graduate degree at the University of Memphis that she rediscovered her love for music.

Abby Nissenbaum‘s vocals are totally lit! She pays homage to the rock queens of the 60s and mixes it up with indie-alt rock vibes to create a sound that is completely captivating and worth all the hype it’s getting.

Photo by Mackenzie Ryan