"Moving to Nashville has really stretched me as a writer, because when I first moved here I was writing with so many different people and it helped me adapt to many different writing styles."
20 April 2021

By Vee D

A pop star incorporating elements of soul, R&B, gospel and more into his unique take on the love song, Wyn Starks is the kind of hard-working, dedicated star whose every move comes straight from the heart. We sat down with the musician as he celebrates the release of his first single, Circles.

Hi Wyn! How are you doing? What has a typical lockdown day been looking like for you recently?  

Well recently I’ve been writing and recording a lot. Getting ready to release my first full length album soon. It’s almost finished!

What was behind the decision to re-release ‘Circles’? And what a track it is!  Thank you so much! 

Circles is my first single!  The label actually chose that to be the first single which I was super excited about. The song started doing really well on radio and it just kept growing and growing. I always say Circles is one of those songs that I wish I wrote that I actually did write. I wrote Circles with my good friend Fred Williams -his artist name is Built By Titan. 

You have quite a rich background in a variety of different genres, as well as circumstances in which you were able to sing. How do you bring your past into your present songwriting?

Funny you ask that cause I was just describing how I feel like my music kinda encompasses every part of my life journey: I try to take pieces of all the great music that has inspired me through the years as well as my experiences and try to produce something that says; this is Wyn Starks. So I think naturally I’m kinda always bringing the past into what I do in some way.

How do you normally approach writing a song? What’s your go-to process?

Moving to Nashville has really stretched me as a writer because when I first moved here I was writing with so many different people and it helped me adapt to many different writing styles. But the way that I normally tend to write is  to come up with the melody first. I actually have tons of voice memo ideas so sometimes I start with that and then just begin to build the music and lyrics around that.

What plans do you have for the rest of 2021? (Hopefully, things all go to plan and lockdown lifts!) What’s next for Wyn Starks? 

I hope that as we start to open up that I can start doing shows again and hopefully start touring.  I was  starting to do more shows right before the pandemic hit. Being on stage feels like home to me and I miss it. So I’d love to get back out there and share some of this new music with everyone live. I really want to go to the UK both to play live but also to write with producers and artists there. I have connected virtually with some producers there and I definitely plan to go as soon as it’s safe for us all to travel.