FM Meets: Ronniee

We caught up with London-based newcomer Ronniee as she unveils 'FAYE' (abbreviated for Fake And You Exit), a direct point of view to moving on from stale friendships.
24 November 2021

By Vee D

London-based newcomer Ronniee unveils ‘FAYE’ (abbreviated for Fake And You Exit), a direct point of view to moving on from stale friendships, taken from the debut EP ‘So, What Happened?’ out 10th December.

Ronniee is a refreshing, bold and empowering female artist who offers an unapologetic point of view in her lyrics, mixed with a sprinkle of raw British charm. Her emotive vocals add depth to her conversational style lyrics and offer a fearless take on topics such as mental health, problematic relationships and social injustices, all of which add to her authentic sound.

‘FAYE’ delves into Ronniee’s personal experience, fusing elements of unfiltered pop, heart-on-sleeve melodies, and witty lyricism. She explains: “If an eye roll was a song it’s most definitely ‘Faye’! We all have known or know a ‘Faye’, aka someone who’s a little jealous or attempting to dull your shine. That’s how the song came about – an old ‘friend’ who was a bit shady towards me and I thought you know what, I’m gonna make a song out of you! So it’s kind of a salute to those ‘Faye’s’ out there by letting them know we see you.”

We caught up with Ronniee for a quick chat:

What was the first album you bought?

‘Gotta get thru this’ Daniel Bedingfield’s first album – the perfect combo of amazing songs, cool lyrics!

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

I have so many music inspirations, the majority are female and for such different reasons;

Lyrically Amy Winehouse gave me the courage to write exactly how I feel! Vocally Yebba – she sings from the heart and you can feel it. And Beyonce because she’s just the Queen, who has the ability to make millions of us females feel empowered and to not feel we are the lesser of the sexes! 

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

I have found inspiration from my personal experiences and have found a way to channel those into my songs. Mental health is something I’ve always wanted to discuss more and make it feel less of a taboo topic. Anyone who may of suffered or is suffering knows that you can feel so alone at certain times and so I am hoping that by listening to my music and lyrics it might give strength to think you are not alone and give people the courage to talk, even if they drop in my dm’s. I’ve also experienced some pretty rough and amazing relationships in my life and it’s important to me to write about it in my music. I know that people will listen to my songs and be able to relate to them on some level.
Throughout my life I have been inspired by incredibly strong women all of who don’t conform and so it’s very important to me to empower other women through my music and lyrics. Being a woman in any industry is hard and being heard is even harder so it’s vital to me to change the perception of the cliché roles and aspirations of what society has created for us as women. I’m not afraid to talk about the sensitive topics of womanhood and sharing my experiences to unite us as one huge group of goddesses.

Tell us about your single ’FAYE’?

‘Faye’ is a song about an old friend of mine who was a bit shady towards me (this was a while back now) It’s kind of a f**k you kinda song, I think we all know a girl like ‘Faye’. It’s a tongue-in-cheek song and a cheeky little nod to the ‘Fayes’ amongst us.

What have you got lined up for next year (2022)?

Next year I am going to releasing my debut EP and alongside this, I’m going to be doing some very exciting things to coincide with the release, keep your eyes peeled as your going to be seeing a lot more of me, BRING ON 2022