By Moni Bell

Earlier this month American R&B artists Ray Dawn released his latest infectious track Boston. We were captivated from the off and caught up with Ray earlier this week to discuss the new track, his inspiration, remaining creative in a year like 2020, and just what is next for this incredibly thrilling artist…

Hi Ray! Can you tell us a little bit about your latest release, ‘Boston’?

Boston is an anthem for the go-getters who refuse to let obstacles keep them from their summit. Anything worth having takes time, so embrace the grind!

Compared to some of your previous releases Boston has an upbeat almost funk driven element to the track, what inspired this new sound for you? 

When writing new music, I aim to find instrumentals that are infectious. None of my songs sound the same and with every release my sound evolves. Boston came to be through serendipity. The algorithms brought Donnie Katana’s production to my attention, and the rest is history.

What are some of your inspirations, musical and non-musical?

Enjoying a hot mug of coffee on my balcony while watching the sun rise over Midtown!

How have you been managing to stay positive and creative during a year like this one?

Gratitude is the key ingredient for my positivity. Having the ability to pursue my dreams is something I don’t take for granted. Despite the crazy year it’s been I’ve been able to accomplish most of the goals I set. I’m charged more than ever, and ‘Boston’ is a manifestation of that energy.

What can we expect from Ray Dawn in the new year? Any exciting new projects that we should be on the lookout for? 

Next year I will be releasing a lot more music than normal. For the last two years I’ve been focused on singles, but I may just drop a few bodies of work. Unfortunately, that’s all I will divulge at the moment – no free sauce for my competitors!