FM Meets: palmtreeprince

By Vee D

Describing his sound as Immersive, Anthemic, Euphoric, Quirky & Peaceful, palmtreeprince‘s new single ’bout us’, works as the ideal introduction to his sonic offering, a smoothly modern pop with an essential message of love, hope, dreams, and passions.

Here’s our chat with the intriguingly charming London-based artist, originally from Zimbabwe but raised in Ireland.

Hello palmtreeprince! What are you thinking right now?

I’m thinking ’bout u… lol only joking! I’ve got an apple, a banana, and an orange in my jacket pocket and I’m trying to decide on which one I should eat first.

Tell us everything we should know about your new track ’bout us’.

Well “bout us” was produced by my producer, LVAE, and written by me. It’s my second single of the year, making it the fifth record in my arsenal, so far (Check out the others, you never know what else you might like!).

It’s a love story born out of the care and affection I have towards a certain someone in my life. The impact this special someone has on me is so profound that I constantly find myself “thinkin ‘bout“ the good ol’ days with them, the sweet and funny moments of now, and the potential for us to journey further in love, tomorrow. 

After we made ‘‘bout us’, LVAE and I realised that we’d created something eventful. It’s like an energy pill of pure euphoria that puts an instant smile on your face from the moment you press play, till you press play again. It’s groovy, funky, and pulsating with an energy that lights up your mood. Plus, the compelling story motivates you to run to your favourite person in the world and tell them how much they mean to you.

From Pool Party to Summer BBQ, If you’re looking for the perfect song to dance along to while you’re holding the coldest drink in your hand, ‘bout us is the track for you.

Who is palmtreeprince?

palmtreeprince is the expression of my love, hope, dreams, and passions made manifest in artistic form. He’s the realization of my childhood dream, an eccentric being with a calling to entertain you from the moment you cross paths with him. I’m beyond fulfilled to finally get to be him! 

You were called “the next in line to become the Pop Prince of the UK”, how do you respond to that?

Firstly, I’m honored and extremely grateful to be considered for such a title. It came from JYOTY too, one of the best DJs on the planet. I can’t thank her enough!

Secondly, WOOOOW Let’s GO! That’s just the kind of energy I need to power on, and I plan to deliver on that statement so watch this space.

Describe your music in 5 words.

Immersive, Anthemic, Euphoric, Quirky & Peaceful

How important is your image to you as an artist?

As an Artist, I believe that what’s important is the Art. In my case, I am the art that I create, so what becomes important to me is perfectly expressing the harmony of the music I make, the image I project, and the energy I exude. If there’s no harmony between those aspects, if one aspect is more important than another, then you don’t get the art anymore.

What is the ultimate dream?

The ultimate dream is to create a virtual world in VR where people can go and experience the stories that LVAE and I are telling in their truest form. The closest comparison I think of is a fusion between “Ready Player One” the movie & “No Man’s Sky” the video game. A reality of endless creation where people can arrive to experience our world. When holographic technology arrives, I’d love to bring that on tour worldwide!

What’s next for palmtreeprince?

Innovation is my next big goal. I want to be at the forefront of the next frontier of entertainment. A lot of my efforts are going towards innovating the experience of music. We finally have VR from companies like Oculus and Microsoft, along with immersive and spatial audio from Dolby Atmos and Sony. I’d love my debut album to be experienced in that way.

Gigs and Tours of course! I’m on a mission to take our sound across the globe. If you’re a promoter reading this and your country is opening its borders soon, email me. I’m excited to connect with people that have connected with our sound.

For now, though I’d invite everyone along for this lifetime ride of mine to remain curious. I’ve got so many stories to share, with multiple adventures to take you on. Come as you are, bring your smiles, and most of all don’t forget your dancing shoes. My sailing spaceship is on its way to you real soon.