By Frank Bell

Orisha Sound (Shel-K and Orisha) present Bring The Fire, the perfect feel-good tune (written in Kingston, Jamaica) we all need, breezy, fresh summer vibes.

Hi guys! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you doing? 

Big up Fame. We are great. As we are talking to you – we are at the Olympic resort in SOCHI – performing at “Riders” –  snowboarding convention. Our music goes well with sports – we have performed at the Football World Cup 2018, for Reggae Girls at the female football cup – 2019, BMX riders in the UK and many more.

Who are some of your biggest musical and non-musical inspirations and why?

People and cultures are always the biggest inspiration. Most people live everyday life within their culture and location. We are always on the move – even nowadays in 2020-2021. We are a cross-cultural international project. It’s important to collaborate – this will bring us closer and make us all understand each other better. We are on a mission and love what we do. 

What are you thinking right now?

Right now we are actually uploading a new video on youtube – our collab with Russian traditional quintet – all folk instruments (balalaika, bass balalaika, domra, and accordions). We have re-arranged our award-winning track “One Way trip” (we got international reggae and world music awards for it in 2020). Ts the first time a reggae tune is performed with Caribbean percussion and Russian traditional instruments. Completely new sound and totally great.

What was the first album you bought?

I think it was one of the classical records – Sibelius or something like this for Orisha and later Miles Davis or Jimmy Hendrix albums. Shel-K grew up with Jamaican sound-systems playing music on the streets every day, so there was no “buying record” situation – just lots of good music around – from old school RnB to modern dancehall.

Tell us everything we should know about your latest release ‘Bring The Fire

It’s a great record. Uptempo and full of energy. We have recorded several versions of this song – from rock steady to trap. When you have a good song – it works in many styles – great melody carries the tune. This release is high energy and up-tempo. Stadium vibes chant-like hook and several other cool little melodies to sing back. Every time we perform this song live – from the stadium to the club – by the second chorus – the audience will be waving and singing back – Oh oh oh… It creates great energy around – powerful and fun. This is the power of music – to be infectious. The message of the song is to keep up – “No holding back. Like a dragon breathing fire all around us. I can see the world is burning up. No holding back. Like a shooting star that brightens up the sky. Together we can light it up! Bring the fire”. Bring the fire means being strong – no matter what happens and enjoy every moment.

Describe your music in 5 words

International, eclectic, inspiring, live, electronic

Do you have any exciting plans to share with us for your music in 2021?

Right now we are prepping for a festival Color & Sound – we are headlining this fest plus co-producing it. Color & Sound is a cross-cultural festival of modern art and technology. Two days of fashion, art, exhibitions, master-class, installations, and of course music. Our last show was in December 2020 and it was sold out – 1500 people. One of the TV channels did a live stream of the show and over 10000 were watching it. It is amazing. Our social media is over a million followers. So each time we post a story on Instagram over 50.000 people watch it. It’s amazing!