FM Meets: Multi-Instrumentalist MATT RYDER

By Vee D

Matt Ryder is a self-contained creative wizard. Based in Birmingham, this 17-year-old writes, produces, and self-releases his music on his label – EC30, creating a forward-thinking sound way beyond his years displaying matured confidence in his genre diffusing sonic and sophisticated penmanship.  Matt made his initial imprint with his signature electronic sound in 2019 and 2020 projects “50FT” and “Soundless Motion”, however, 2021 sees Matt peel back his electronic skin for an ‘interlude’ acoustic 3-track EP Orbit. We loved the project and were keen to speak to Matt about its foundations, his decision to change direction and what else is to come from him this year…

Hey Matt, how are you? What have you been up to recently?

Hey! I’ve been doing quite a bit recently, mainly working on new music and recovering after lockdown! I’ve been discovering new music and art to develop myself more and prepare for ‘normal’ life to return!

We love your new EP ‘Orbit’, can you tell us a bit more about it…

I think the EP was such a step out for me, I never usually make acoustic music due to the fact of how exposed and open it feels. The EP was mainly a self-reflective piece that I used during lockdown to remember who I was, it really did allow me to express myself in a very tough time.

It’s a sway from your usual sound..why did you decide to take a slight change of direction?

It felt refreshing for me to make this new sort of music, I’ve been working on a lot of fast paced dance music so it felt nice to have a change of tone, I feel like that applies to both me and whoever listens. It also provided me with the opportunity to pour my real emotions into something real, that was super important for me especially in lockdown.

You produced the entire project yourself, that’s really cool, where/how did you learn to produce?

Thanks! I began using DAWs around age 9, so I’ve pretty much taught myself all my production knowledge. I found a passion for music after I began playing piano at a very early age, but I think knowledge isn’t the most important thing in this process! I could teach myself to produce pretty easily but to find the ability to put my emotions into words and create from my heart was, and still sometimes is a tough process. I’ve learned so much through this process and have been able to find refuge and use music as some weird sort of self-therapy after all this time.

You also release all your music on your own label, why did you decide to do this?

I believe in creative freedom and this allows me to do so! I love having control of the creative side of a project and having a cohesive and whole image for a project will always benefit the image and experience over all! Having EC30 allows me to be expressive in every way.

What’s your favourite track from the project and why?

I think my favourite track from the EP has to be “Orbit”, it sits very close to my heart and it could be the most raw and exposed track I’ve ever done! So many people have commented on that track in particular and it just makes me happy to think that people are receiving and hearing the track!

When can we see you live?

After the year we’ve had I’m DYING to perform live! It’s tough to say because of the current coronavirus situation but I’m definitely hoping that either late this summer or later this year I will finally be able to perform!

What else is to come for Matt Ryder this year?

Some exciting things! I have a few upcoming tracks that I am super excited to release and I’m interested to see how people receive my new sound! Apart from new music I’m planning to do my first show and to grow through this year!



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