FM Meets: Elysia

“My friend of two years turned into my soulmate in the space of one night; something changed in the way I looked at him; suddenly, my eyes had cherry heart filters."
18 December 2021

By Jonathan Currinn 

Pure smooth silky vocals dominate this R&B track, titled “Cherry Moon”, from rising singer-songwriter, Elysia. Be prepared to drift away into the time after the emotional moments that she’s willing to take us to, bringing something smooth but powerful. 

In collaboration with South Side Denny and Pastels, “Cherry Moon” is an ambiance trip that submerges the listener into an ethereal plane making us feel her passion throughout our soul and complete being. This is not just a simple soulful love song, it’s so much more than that to the extent that we wish it was dedicated to us. 

Talking about the track, Elysia said: “My friend of two years turned into my soulmate in the space of one night; something changed in the way I looked at him; suddenly, my eyes had cherry heart filters. We spent every day together in the summer; we blossomed into something pure and inspirational for this song.“ 

She went on to say: “As soon as the jazzy chords started to spill, I was lovestruck with the single too. It is a sneaky ‘this is how I feel about you’ track, recording the conversation between our souls at the beginning of our relationship. Music can make funny things happen; you say things in raw form and it transforms into art; it is magic.” 

Elysia also dropped a music video for the song, that has been directed by Notoriously Dope Productions. We watch her bathe in water and cherries, linking in well with the song, and perform the track with high emotion as she gives the camera sultry looks in various rooms of the house, adding texture and sentimentality within the visual. 

Q+A with Elysia: 

Hi Elysia, how are you doing today? Can you tell us more about your single “Cherry Moon”? 

Hey FM! I’m feeling grateful today. Thank you so much for having me. 

Cherry Moon is a summer sunset track narrating a realization of feelings you begin to have for a special person. I was inspired sonically by SiR and lyrically by Prince. My Producer Pastels lay down some keys on her red piano and I just felt the vibe for a cherry-inspired song.

You manage to capture your love story within the song and the lyrics. How difficult was it to put that emotion into the song and to come up with the lyrics? 

It was actually quite seamless as to the process of coming up with the song. I struggle with alot of things in life but writing a song is the one thing that comes naturally to me which I am grateful for.. I’m terrible at maths and parking though haha. The lyrics were a breath of fresh air since I rarely am in love and feel like it is reciprocated, so the positivity I was feeling motivated me to think of a different vocabulary as I was so used to writing sad songs. My obsession with the sky, summer, and with sensory descriptive words helped formulate the song in a natural way. It was written quite quickly. 

The song features rap vocals from South Side Denny and Pastels. How did you come to work with them and what were they like to work with? 

Southside Denny is one of the most talented artists in Melbourne, and I am very excited for the world to hear his music. We were mutual friends through other artists, and I wanted him on the track because he knows how to emulate both poetry and cadence in an aesthetic way. He also is what Cherry Moon was based on. We are actually together now as a couple however, the song was created leading up to us dating while we were still just friends with tension. It was not planned at all really but God and life just work out in unique ways. 

You also dropped a music video for the track, what was it like to film? 

Filming Cherry Moon was insane, it was completed in 24 hours. Right before a snap lockdown. My team all hustled till 5 am in an Air BnB with no working heater. We were so delirious but dedicated to seeing my vision come to life. It is one of the most cherished experiences I have had. 

It was directed by Notoriously Dope Productions. What were they like to work with? 

Notoriously Dope works organically, which really allowed me to be natural and relaxed with the camera. She is also my best friend and a part of my team. Prior to filming, I was extremely nervous, but her approach in honest and direct instructions allowed not only me but everyone else on set to relax and just feel the song as an experience rather than a shoot. 

You have more music coming up, can you tell us more about it? 

I have quite a bit of music lined up, they are all summer nights vibes, I really love making songs that are played by the beach or on a balmy night. So I hope that’s how people resonate with them. Most of them are with Pastels, we have great chemistry and have become a strong team. I am also on the lowkey working on something self-produced, a reflection piece of art that will be coming to your ears next year. 

We’re also expecting your debut EP soon. What sort of vibes can we expect from it?

You can expect a lot of grooves, chill vibes, jazz, and harmonies coming soon so watch this space.