By Vee D

L.A.-based refreshing pop powerhouse Dynamyte, shares a slice of sweetly engaging pop bliss, with a self-produced video for Show Me You, a convincing pop song about the superficiality of social media.

Dynamyte! Love the name! What do you do to help yourself feel kick ass every day?  

I love this question!  Definitely listening to empowering music!

Can you tell us a little bit about your current single, ‘Show Me You’? What inspired the video?

The song and video are about my frustration with the superficiality of social media. Authentic is so much more beautiful than perfect, whatever that even is!

 What’s your usual songwriting process? Are there any rituals you have to help you feel creative?

Usually lyric concept first, and then the music. No special rituals, other than lots of snacks (especially popcorn!) 🙂

Did you film the video yourself? How long did it take/how was the process?

I filmed it over 2 nights at home and had my mom hold my phone as the camera! She was such a good sport about it! Moms are the best.

 Can you tell us the best and the worst part about the shoot?

The best part was dressing up in the Barbie box! I found the costume online and it was so fun to put together and wear! I was literally in a giant doll box! The worst part was my dad yelling at me because I asked him to turn the fire pit on at 11pm.

If you had an infinite budget, what would your vision for a music video be?

Oooo something I thought would be cool is in real-time removing photoshop but on a live person standing there. Like starting with the edited version of themselves, and then edit by edit, peeling away a layer and showing who they really are.

What’s next?!

So much new music!! And hopefully once COVID settles down, live shows!