FM meets Carrie Baxter

"You’ was written for my friend's wife, she was his fiancée at the time and he wanted to write her something (he doesn't sing lol)"
17 June 2022

By Vee D

We were first introduced to hotly-tipped Irish act Carrie Baxter last year with the release of her EP ‘What Now’ – an 8-track project that so intricately weaved soul, R&B and undeniably unique vocals into a genre-fusing masterpiece. Now Carrie has returned to us with a track from the EP but completely re-imagined. Single ‘You’ (alternate) shows Baxter in a state of complete vulnerability – stripped back and filmed in one take with no opportunity of a re-run, Carrie executes the recording to every degree of accuracy and really brings to life the immense talent behind this artist. Since having the track on repeat, we were keen to catch up with Carrie on the release, her inspirations, and what more is to come…

Hey Carrie, we LOVE this totally live version of your single ‘You’ – what made you choose this track to strip back? 

Thank you !!! Well, I guess I just love the song, the lyrics are some of my favorite ever written and I think they deserved more space to breathe in a different way and to be heard again in a new way. It’s been on my bucket list to do a track like this with my friend Nathan (the pianist) and this just felt like the right one 

What does ‘You’ mean to you?

The track was written for my friend’s wife, she was his fiancée at the time and he wanted to write her something (he doesn’t sing lol) so we wrote it together and it’s very special for them which I just love! We played it at a gig for the first time and she cried, I was pleased with that response haha just to make people feel something and my job is done.

If you could have any artist join you on the track, who would you choose and why? 

Maverick Sabre, his voice is just…everything! 

You filmed the video in one shot, what were your biggest worries ahead of filming? 

I didn’t have any really, I trusted everyone in the room very much. I also know everyone in the room very well and they know how I like to work. Hahah I guess they would also tell me if I need to do it again 

When can we come and hear the track in all its live glory, in person?

Yes please do! I’m playing a headline show in London on September 30th so that will be fun – most of my other gigs up until that point are in Ireland so if you are in the green isle, all my dates are on my website  

What is to come for the rest of the year for Carrie Baxter? 

A couple of releases with some surprise artists on there and lots of shows – finally 🙂