"CONFUSION talks about the inner conflict between what we want and what we are "allowed" to want; between who we are and who we are expected to be; between emotion and reason."
5 January 2021

It’s time to embrace CONFUSION. ANATÉ’s latest track marks a new direction for the project.

By Charlotte Christie

In the new year Anaté proves it’s never too late to mix it up. After releasing a string of  covers, the project, made up of singer-songwriter Ana and producer Delham, have finally given us the original single we have been waiting for. Influenced by the likes of Moorcheeba, Massive Attack and Sade, Confusion is hauntingly enigmatic. The distinctive bassline at the core of the track acts an electric heartbeat that commands all fans of alternative indie to “Add to Playlist”.

The track is also accompanied by a video, which depicts a fragmented reality; moving back and forth between place and time. The only constant is the band’s Frontwoman, Ana, who appears in almost every shot. Pink-haired and wide-eyed, we see her pounding the streets of Berlin and gliding through magenta forests in search for some sort of clarity which, true to life, never comes. It’s one to watch.

What do you hope people will take away from Confusion

Confusion talks about the inner conflict between what we want and what we are “allowed” to want; between who we are and who we are expected to be; between emotion and reason.

What I hope people will take away from the song is that way past all that self-doubt, incessant search and… confusion, there is peace. The peace that you find when accepting yourself or life as it comes. Accepting that we are not what we were “told” to be (either by our past, experiences, or society), but what we feel right now. So just welcome yourself in a warm embrace and celebrate that complexity that makes you beautiful.

Can you tell us a particular story from the writing or recording process? 

Unlike other songs from the album, this one doesn’t come with a clear story that influenced the songwriting process. It is more the result of a long period of contemplation and self-reflection. However, I do recall a story during the recording process.

The song was already finished – lyrics were there, the recording was done, but somehow, I was still not feeling it. I was listening to it and could not feel the message of the song, even if I did believe in it. And then I said to Andrea (more as a joke): “You know that I always hum it in a lower key when I sing it at home. It just feels right.”. I didn’t want to ask directly to take it a pitch down but oh well… he was way ahead of me :D. So we tried it a semitone lower and we could not believe how much it changed. My singing changed, the intonation, the emotion in my voice. I was really feeling it this time. And this is what you are hearing now when listening to Confusion 😊

Do you have a favourite moment in the video? 

It is probably the moment when I run up the dune and I face myself in the mirror. I feel it is a powerful image – after all the inner torment, wandering around and self-questioning, comes the moment of truth – looking yourself in the eyes and coming at peace with yourself.

How do you measure a song’s success?

Ana: That is a great question! What matters to me the most is that my message got across. I enjoy receiving messages where people tell me they found truth in my lyrics. That is a personal success for me. In objective terms, I would consider a song successful when spotify plays or video views start coming organically after all the promotion phase is over

Best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Ana: I was doing acting classes and a guy from the class saw that I was very self-conscious and critical about myself. He approached me and said in a very chill way: “Ana, why do you take yourself so seriously?”. This thing got stuck in my head ever since – never take yourself too seriously; take it easy and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget about that inner child – playful, curious, open. Keep that freedom.

Quick Questions: 

Dido or Sade? 

Ana: Sade

Moorcheeba or Massive Attack? 

Ana: Massive Attack

Hooverphonic or Amy Lee? 

Ana: Hooverphonic

Confusion is the first single off Anaté’s upcoming debut album Confessions out in 2021.