FM Exclusive | President Street’s I FOUND ME Video

The wait is over! Finally, Australian pop-fusion collective President Street have dropped the official music video for their self-love anthem, I Found Me.

It’s a song which celebrates the things often overlooked in our romance-obsessed culture – the relationship with, and love you have for yourself. “I didn’t know I was looking for you / Until I found me,” sings Ruby during the song’s refrain, with enviable conviction.

The video explores further this idea of being brought to life through finding yourself – but, visually, the key element is music. The video opens, making use of muted tones as we see Ruby navigating her way around a city. With the introduction of Pete and the beginning of their working partnership, we can see how the addition of music has been instrumental to improving Ruby’s life. The colours are now bright and deep, and as we see the song being written, recorded and performed, we can see before our very eyes the healing power of music, as well as the story of the song itself being told.

It’s an inspired and brave choice to centre the video around the introduction of music and its part in shaping the lives of the two people who choose to play it. It would have been all too easy to use the tale of a romantic relationship, or a similarly cliche storyline, but instead we see the reality of the writing and working process of curating a song and how it has helped transform someone’s life. As the camera pulls away from Ruby and Pete driving off into the sunset, we see the suitcase Ruby has left in the diner, a perfect metaphor for the emotional baggage she was able to leave behind, as a result of the healing power of music.