X Factor’s credible and truly talented duo Misunderstood, return and present their new stunning single Ride, which was produced by LDN Noise. The dynamic duo is set to perform on TV at Miss World airing to 1 billion viewers…So they open up to FM about their experience at X Factor, feeling Misunderstood, Beyonce, fashion style and much more…

So, what’s up Misunderstood? What’s on your mind right now?

JEFF: Yoooo, we’re good thank you! 

STEPHAN: Right now hmm on our mind is…. food..dessert! Haha

Tell us everything about your recent single ‘Ride’ and your amazing video.

JEFF: Ride is definitely one of our favourite songs we’ve released so far, it has such a fresh yet current vibe you can literally bump this in your car, party, wedding haha! Shout out to LDN Noise for really taking it there on this one its such a bop. I love how its different to anything we’ve put out so far, yet still us and the response has been amazing!

Filming the music video was fast and organic, it wasn’t planned it’s the most spontaneous video we’ve done to date. We just vibed in a photo shoot and played the song, what you’re seeing is 3 takes edited by Stephan! Its amazing what you can do with music videos nowadays and we like how its still raw but has that fun, cool edge to it.

Why did you pick ‘Misunderstood’ as your project name?

STEPHAN: Growing up in a time that being ‘different’ was seen as a bad thing, nobody really allowed us to be creative without questioning or bullying us for having a different vision than most. It was always “why would you wanna sing, dance and dress like that, thats ‘gay’.

We feel that being Misunderstood is something a lot of people around the world can relate to and when choosing our name, it was important that we find something that meant a lot to us and could represent exactly how we’ve always felt.

Being misunderstood is not a bad thing, you don’t have to explain yourself or try and make people understand you. Just be you, love yourself and the right people will start to understand you for you!.

When did you start thinking of following a music career?

STEPHAN: As individuals we’ve always loved music.  Growing up, I started singing in Church and Jeff was always surrounded by music in his household so it was always something that we feel was always around us so it was normal.

JEFF: I always wanted to be a singer, when i met Steph about 12 years ago it was just one of those things that was scary at first but at the same time just made sense to become a duo. The rest really just fell into place.

Could you briefly describe the making process on your latest single?

JEFF: Ride was sooo much fun to create. We were finished in the studio after already writing 2 songs that day and just before jumping in the car, Steph called “shotgun” for the front seat. 

Whilst celebrating his win Ahah He just started singing “Can we Rideee for a minute, vibe for a minute.” And we all stopped and was like naaa we need to put that down as an idea. 

We ran back into the studio and wrote/recorded the demo within the hour, and RIDE was born haha

Talk about your experience at the X Factor.

STEPH: Our time on the show was amazing! It really did open our eyes to what’s really out there, what the public really think of our music and us. We feel we are so blessed to have got that exposure and platform to showcase our original music and for it to be received so well, we still get people going on about our performances on the show its amazing! It gave us a new kind of spark, we’ve been independent our whole career, with people telling us this isn’t going to work, that songs no good etc and to just see all of that change and have the nation really like us and vote every week taught us the importance of being patient, know your worth and be persistent.

We have an exclusive. You are set to perform in Miss World 14th Dec 2019 to 1 billion viewers. How are you feeling about it?

STEPH: We’re super excited about this! We walked into rehearsals the other day and saw the stage and literally fell in loveee with it! t’s probably our biggest performance to date because the viewership is 1/2 billion viewers from around the world nut we’re super pumped and can’t wait!!!

Which animal would best suit your personality?

JEFF: Hmmmm…good question.

STEPH : Probably a Dolphin. They are free, protective and do madddd flips hahah
JEFF: erm..I’d probably say a Hyena!

Who are your musical icons?

JEFF: We are inspired by soooo many artists like: Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott.

What was the first album you purchased?

JEFF: My first album was… Destinys Child – Survivor

STEPHAN: Beyonce’s 5th Studio album ‘Beyonce’ I remember watching all of the videos to each song and being so inspired I felt like I was going to burst!

Which artists are you listening to right now?

STEPHAN: I’m listening to alot of ‘H.E.R’, ‘Daniel Caesar’, ‘Harry Styles’ & ‘Rosalía’, these 4 artists are killing it for me at the moment.

JEFF: I’m in love with Burna boy! Plus Stormzys new album Heavy Is The Head is on repeat!!!

How would you describe your fashion style?

STEPHAN: It depends on how I feel that day to be honest, it changes a lot ha!.

JEFF: Cool, Slick and a vibe.

Tell us about any plans for a show and why we should be there?

STEPH: There’s so much in the pipeline especially for next year, we like to bring fun, good, positive energy. 

JEFF: You should come because its a vibe and our shows aren’t just come and watch us sing and dance its very interactive too!

What does 2020 hold for you?

STEPH: 2020 holds so much, we dont want to say too much as we like to keep that element of surprise for you. However we’ve got new music dropping along with a few projects, but keep an eye out on our socials, its definitely going to be fun and exciting! 

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