By Frank Bell

flyckt is a very modern solo artist that plays with electronic-pop music after multiple successful projects in his previous musical career (one being Urban Cone). Even though he admits moving into a solo project can be a vulnerable process, at times, flyckt’s work holds a transparent and therefore authentic appeal.

flyckt’s most recent release, Love is Overrated, sees the artist challenge a mass obsession with what call love. The black and white video exaggerates a claustrophobia that’s presented by love, and the rush to escape.

flyckt explains: “We recorded this video running through the streets of Stockholm by night in the rare company of three mannequins. With the video for Love Is Overrated we wanted to capture the escapism in the lyrics of the song. Running away from the distraction of overrated love. The constant movement is like a symbol for the runaway feeling. If you never stop and reflect the pain wont hit you”


Photo by Mathieu Wothke