All Flag Are Grey’s ‘Bare Bones’ | It oozes a poignant emotion

Having previously worked together on various musical projects, East London duo Andrea Chamberlain and Leon Brown are now working in unison again on new project All Flags Are Grey, and have just released ‘Bare Bones’, their electronically quirky debut single.

As Chamberlain’s quivering vocals ease you into the hypnotizing introduction alongside blistering, cinematic beats and synths, an atmospheric tension builds throughout ‘Bare Bones’. As the stunning vocal crescendos as the chorus chimes in, an intense sense of euphoria is created. Inspired by the idea of showing vulnerability and the feeling of isolation we all encounter at some point in our lives, the musicality of ‘Bare Bones’ oozes a poignant emotion to match the song’s thought-provoking undertones.

With this latest project, All Flags Are Grey hope to create innovative performance art, using visuals and film to enhance the message that they convey through their music…I’m sure the duo won’t have any problems finding exposure with this magnificent start to their journey.

Bare Bones, the debut single from All Flags Are Grey, is out now via Seven Wishbones.