Fixing Your Look After Lockdown: An Essential Guide

One of the most annoying effects of the Coronavirus pandemic is that it has completely stalled the health, beauty and style markets. 

Many clothing and beauty suppliers are still operating online, but for some services, such as cosmetic procedures, haircuts and more, the lockdown has shut all shops and left many individuals looking and feeling less than perfect.

Your appearance is central to your self-esteem and mental wellbeing, so this already horrific experience can be even more traumatic if you’ve not been able to create the look you love.

As the UK slowly eases out of the lockdown, shops are beginning to reopen, so we’ve put together a guide to getting yourself back to looking your best. 

Make An Effort, Even If It’s Just For Yourself 

When you’re stuck indoors, and only go out for exercise or essential shopping, it can be easy to ignore your appearance and just chill out in your pyjamas. Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean you should do it; staying in baggy clothes and not making an effort can make you feel low and lethargic. Try to make an effort with your appearance at least twice a week, even if you don’t even leave the house. You’ll feel better about yourself, even during these challenging times. 

Try Buying Grooming Products Online

The UK’s lockdown is slowly easing, but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely over. As such, you should try to buy your grooming products online and prepare to be waiting a while to get a haircut or visit your barber. Check out a supplier of quality grooming products, such as online beard shop Thatch Face. The store offers a wide range of beard grooming solutions to keep you looking sharp, without having to queue up outside a store for hours. 

Treat Yourself To Some New Clothes

Just because you can’t get a new tattoo or a professional haircut, doesn’t mean that you can’t change up your look. Consider treating yourself to some stylish new clothes from an online retailer, or buying a quirky accessory that will shake up your look, like a fake nose ring or a bold necklace. As non-essential shops start to reopen, you could even consider queueing up and checking out the sales and finding some new gear to make yourself look stylish and feel confident. 

Don’t Cut Your Own Hair

With all of the hairdressers closed, it’s easy to think that cutting your hair yourself will save you money and effort. However, cutting your own hair is tough, especially if you have layers and longer hair. If you just get a buzz cut, then you can consider using clippers with a guard to cut your hair, but for longer locks, you should wait until the hairdressers reopen. Learn to love your longer hair by checking out some tutorials on how to braid and style it, so you can feel good until you’re able to get it cut professionally again. 

Get Used To Your New Look

Overall, while a Coronavirus vaccine is still in development, many salons and hairdressers will remain closed, and when they do reopen, it might be incredibly difficult to get an appointment. As such, you should get used to your new look and try to make the most of your situation. Try to find a way to manage your appearance using the products you can buy online so that you look good and feel great without the professional support you’re used to enjoying. 

For many stylish individuals, months without professional treatments and support has left them looking and feeling down. This article should help you to get back on track and feel more like your old, happy self again.