Five Ways To Grab Your Customer’s Attention


A big part of your business is going to be in getting the attention of your customers and being able to sell your product or service to them. When you take the right approach to your marketing strategy, you’re going to be able to capture their attention and turn their browsing into purchases that earn you money. One way to do it is with mobile marketing and below, we’ve put together five ways you can ensure that you are capturing their attention with it!

  1. Avoid “In Your Face” Branding

While you want people to notice your brand strategy, you don’t want to be too over the top with it. Why? Well, too much branding is going to annoy! You want people to have their eyes drawn by your company only when it makes sense! You can have customers sign up to your alerts and notifications, but you want them to get them at a convenient time for them. Too much of it and they will switch off of you. Consider the fact that you may switch off of social media advertisements when they interrupt videos? Well, your customers will feel the same about you when the advertising is too much!

  1. Create Something Positive

You want your business to be associated with positivity, and the best way to do that is to ensure that you are using emotion in your marketing. So, if you have a print marketing campaign going out, incorporate interactive fun and choose to make a QR code. You can have music play, games involved and even videos played when you use a QR code to advertise. They’re a fun way to make your brand come to life.

  1. Build Emotion

People are far more likely to continue to watch videos and pay attention to adverts if those adverts create emotion with a story. Look at your current ad campaigns and work out how you can turn these into emotional stories that your customers can relate to. If you can do this, you’re going to see how much joy they get out of it.

  1. Avoid Shock & Choose Surprise

It’s a good idea to have advertising with a twist for your consumers. For example, they won’t know what they will see when they scan the QR code on your advert, but you want to surprise them pleasantly. Shocking is great if that’s your aim, but you want people to have fun with your advert, not be turned off by it. Grabbing their attention involves them feeling pleasantly surprised, not terribly shocked. Know your audience!

  1. Target For Shares

Do you know your social media audience? Well you need to ensure that you are targeting your adverts to the audience who will share your posts. This will help you to extend your reach and create good conversation when you do it. You want to get people to watch the ad, and you want them to forward it on for others to enjoy. They will not forward or talk about it unless they are specifically targeted!