Five Reasons Your Business Needs State Of The Art Security

By Vanessa B

Have you got an already established business that has out-of-date security systems? Thinking of starting a new business and want to cut costs by getting less security? Well, here are five reasons you absolutely shouldn’t do that and instead should seriously consider upgrading your systems to state-of-the-art models.

1. Security Systems Help Protect You from Theft

The first and most obvious reason why your business needs security systems is to keep the burglars and thieves out. If intruders can see that your establishment has security cameras and alarms, knowing that their faces will be captured on video or even worse- the police will be directly called; they will be discouraged from stealing goods and equipment or even entering the premises at all.

2. It Could Increase Employee Motivation and Productivity

Installed cameras make the employees aware that they are being watched by their boss. Although this can be a bit dystopian and intrusive, even if you fully trust your employees, the camera will act as a deterrent regardless. This means even if you don’t have the CCTV for anything other than security reasons, it offers an alternative benefit.

3. It Will Prevent In House Theft

Due to the trust and confidence that the employer gives his employees, having one of your employees steal from you can often be a huge shock, abuse of trust, and costly experience. Worryingly, however, 75% of workers have stolen from their employers at least once. If you have high-value stock or products that can be easily stolen without much tracking is possible, a new employee or an employee who may have lost interest in the company goals may see an opportunist moment to steal. 

With a business standard, state-of-the-art security system, if the worst does happen you can identify the culprit immediately, avoiding any finger-pointing or suspicions in the wrong place.

4. Customers Feel Safer

Having a security system will make your customers feel at ease knowing that you are monitoring the activities in your establishment. If a customer feels safer or more at home in an establishment, they are more likely to spend money or purchase your service. In a world where emotion sells, there isn’t much better emotion to make some feel than safe and secure.

It also reflects well on your business as you take yourself and your premises seriously, indicating you do the same for your customers. This is incredibly important in a retail environment, for example.

5. Boosts Your Consumer Reputation

Security systems give the employees, investors, and customers alike the impression that you are a responsible businessman or company. These individuals will see how serious and responsible you are as an owner and employer and how much you value your premises by your investment preventing losses in your merchandise and keeping thieves from harming your customers. and employees.

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