First Wedding Anniversary? Five Eternally Romantic Presents For Her

By Vanessa B

The idea of romance is complex and different for everyone so cannot be generalised. On the other hand, some aspects are also universal! For example, one has to understand their partner well, know what they want, and be aware of their love language to decide the perfect gift for them. That’s the same across all love stories. Which is why, there’s an economy built around golden wedding anniversary gifts, so the possibility of gifts you can get is as wide as you can imagine. You can go for various things, like spa appointments, holiday reservations, a fun day spent together.  From the myriad of options, here are some great gift ideas to make your relationship stronger and keep the romance alive.

  1. A Holiday Reservation For The Record Books

The much-awaited wedding anniversary day becomes even more exciting when the couple spends it making memories that surpass the previous ones. You can do this by planning a holiday at a faraway destination that is calming and serene for both of you. With this gift, you can finally have the time to get away from the daily grind and just enjoy each other’s company. 

  1. Spa Day

The most extraordinary form of love is self-love and to encourage, enable someone to love & take care of themselves is a wonderful gift. A spa day can do wonders for anyone to help them relax and rejuvenate. You can even sign up for a couple’s spa day so you can both enjoy each other’s company in leisure. If you haven’t tried this before, it’s an incentive to step out of your comfort zone – together!

  1. DIY Something Precious

No one will disagree that DIY gifts are precious and heart-warming. If you’ve ever made one you probably also won’t disagree that they can be super time consuming! And that’s why they’re so special. The idea that someone put in the time to make something for you, from scratch is lovely and sparks a lot of joy. Something that you created or prepared yourself is a very out of the box present idea with a lot of sentiments attached.  If she loves music, you can also prepare a song and perform it for her, or you can make a video of all the memories you have with each other.

  1. Looks Don’t Matter, But The Right Clothes Do

Anything that your significant other can wear works as an excellent gift for them. Gift them something that you think looks great on them or something that they would never buy for themselves. You can also get them something that you love on them, like a particular colour. Even getting your loved one a specially engraved ring or any other piece of jewellery is also a great way to make them feel special. When buying clothes as a gift, just remember to check the size first and keep the receipt just in case!

 5. Essential Cosmetics/Skincare Products

Cosmetics and skincare can play a big part in self confidence for many. Makeup is also a very popular tool for self-expression, so it can make a great gift. Before you go ahead and buy any of these two, you have to do a little research about what is best, what she prefers, her skin type, etc., Whether it’s Fenty or Loreal, make sure that you know what suits your partner best. Some research may be needed for this type of gift. Something like a nice lipstick or nail polish in a shade you know they like to wear may be a safe bet. 

A gift can be anything, but it is essential to remember that it should be personalised and involve both of you – well mostly her! If your present celebrates the bond that you two have shared over the years, then that adds a lot of value to it. 

You know that making your significant other realise how much they mean to you and how important they are should be a habit that needs occasional practice. If a gift does all this, you have found yourself the perfect anniversary gift to give to your loved one. Just remember to put your relationship and or your companion at the centre of the gift giving gesture, and the perfect gift will come naturally.