Field Jackets | An Ongoing Trend Born From Practicality

A practical item of uniform that looks smart but boasted a lightweight feel that was welcome amid the equatorial temperatures.
21st March 2019

The field jacket was first worn by soldiers. Back in the 19th century, the utility coat was favoured by Britons who were stationed in India. A practical item of uniform that looks smart but boasted a lightweight feel that was welcome amid the equatorial temperatures.

Tom Berenger in PLATOON

Fast forward a few decades and the Americans were wearing the field jacket out in Vietnam. This gave rise to the popular M65 style with its epaulettes, hood, large front pockets and olive green colour.

These earthy tones quickly saw the jacket transitioning into one that helped wearers become camouflaged on the African plains. But it was in the 60s when this jacket was thrown into the fashion limelight by Saint Laurent – and now, it’s a fashion must-have for many.

The Field Jacket Today

Today, you won’t find many runways that aren’t adorned in field jackets, with brands like Belstaff making them a dominant part of their collections. These former army pieces have becoming a wardrobe essential, easily transitioning from a casual t-shirt and jeans to formal tailored ensembles.

Although the basic style of these jackets still plays homage to the original design, you’ll find many of today’s jackets boast a plethora of different textures, fabrics and colours. The field jacket has transformed to meet our changing tastes and requirements.

So how do you wear a field jacket?

Wear a Field Jacket with a Suit

When you’re heading to work in the morning, nothing’s going to bring your get-up together better than a field jacket. Perfect for teaming with your suit, it’ll add to your sharp look while covering your suit jacket beneath. Thanks to the way a field jacket fits, this only adds to your professional style, boasting a clean, beautifully tailored look.

Wear a Field Jacket with a Shirt

For the more casual of occasions (of it your work attire isn’t as formal), a field jacket will work great with a shirt. Its natural colour and beltless style give it a uniform look, while its roomy pockets provide you with ample room for all those essentials.

Wear a Field Jacket in the Colour of Your Choice

For a minimalistic, sleek look, a black field jacket is ideal. And try to find one that boasts minimal details to help add to this sleek vibe. Wear it with black jeans, a basic white t-shirt and your trainers for a gorgeous everyday look.

Alternatively, if you want to be prepared for the Great British weather, a waxed field jacket is the ultimate choice. The waxed exterior will help protect you from the elements but without detracting anything from the statement this jacket adds to your outfit.

Finally, for urban styles, the camo field jacket is a must. This is great for wearing with casual ensembles like trainers or chunky boots, checked shirts and jeans. When teamed together this helps bring a military twist to your outfit.

Can’t decide? Then why not opt for each of these three styles? After all, you can never have too many field jackets in your wardrobe.

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