fickle friends2Brighton’s Fickle Friends share ‘Swim’, their upbeat indie pop gem (out now), recorded with James Earp (Bipolar Sunshine, Alex Hepburn and Nina Nesbitt).

Lead singer Natti says: “It follows the idea that people get mixed-up in confusion and sometime feels like they’re drowning…that’s what Swim is.”

In 2013 the 5-piece – Natassja (Natti) Shine [Vox/Synth,] Sam Morris [Drums,] Harry Herrington [Bass/Backing Vox,] Chris Hall [Guitar] & Jack Wilson [Synth/Backing Vox] – won the Music Gateway (Best Live Act), which lead to a recording session at Abbey Road Studio 2.

And after their brilliant performance at Jamie Oliver and Alex James’ The Big Feastival, they spent a week recording at Giant Wafer Studios in Wales, courtesy of Jamie…fickle friends oliver2‘Swim’ is also available on the Killing Moon/Ally Mccrae compilation.