Black Eyed Peas star Fergie sizzles on Cosmopolitan’s August “Body Confidence” issue and talks sexy mothers and weight gain:
“You know, in Italy, Catholic boys are raised to believe there are two types of women: the Madonna and the whore … And me? I’m both.”

On Josh Duhamel:
“At that stage of my life, I don’t think I’d have thought that about anybody. I’d made my lists of qualities that I wanted, and you can’t find out if someone has those in a week.

It was learning what he was made of that made me fall in love with him.”

On Weight gain for her ‘Nine:
“When I came home from filming, he was excited.

He enjoys having both: the extra meat to grab when it’s there and the tight stomach when that’s there. He always gives me compliments.”
On kids:
“You can be a mother and still completely sexy … Right now, I don’t want anything clouding my focus. Right now, I’m living in the present.”
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