By Vee D

Japanese Mannequin rap duo FEMM return with a song that is both sultry and stylish. Private Dancer is about just that, and sees singers RiRi and LuLa fuse parts of electronic dance music with gothic rock to this newest hit.

Following on from the release of the pristinely sweet Sugar Rush earlier this year, the harder and darker Private Dancer takes on the concepts of symbiotic love, submission, and desire on a song that is dripping with decadence. As expected, pounding electro drum beats follow the New Tokyo girls around, while the eye-popping new music video embraces their core themes of marionettes and puppets in the real world.

“Confidence is sexy. She is strong and fierce. She doesn’t take no as an answer. She loves every inch of herself being a woman. It’s cool to sing this character as FEMM. It’s a new vibe for us and we are loving it.” Says RiRi, who enlisted the help of big-name producers like ADP and Jenn Decliveo to deliver the track. “The song starts off with a mysterious tone, then goes into harder beats. For sure it’s gonna make you wanna dance. If you get more into it, the more you can really feel that strong confident sexy woman.”

Having first caught the attention of a worldwide crowd with their breakout hit track Fxxk Boyz Get Money, FEMM have only continued to inject some glamour into the scene ever since. With Private Dancer being the fourth song from the duo in 2021, they show no signs of slowing down.