FELIX RÄUBER Unites Us All In Latest Visuals ROAD TO CHAOS


With vocals rising just as hard as climate change is rising right now, the talented artist has come up with a music video to perfectly demonstrate that the world is still on the Road To Chaos whilst in the midst of a pandemic.

The Polarkreis-18’s frontman has stepped out and released a powerful statement in this track and visual, but a statement that is needed, but is supported with cinematic soundscapes to perfectly give the statement the punch it needs.

Having had one of his own creations featured in the hit television show, How To Get Away With Murder, it’s now time Felix turns his attention to cooperating with German environmental organisation NABU in order to be able to put his words into action. 

The latest music video and track follows a narrative about the current pandemic, but Felix’s lyricism of ‘the change that I need’ and ‘now that our world is gone’ talk about more than the current climate.