Feels Like Fire unveil ‘She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl)’

"My daily life, working, was pretty monotonous, dull, cold, black and white…Until this girl appeared..."
17 February 2024

Amidst the evolving terrain of today’s music scene, where musical styles intertwine and traditional boundaries dissolve, a new anthem springs from the heart of Pennsylvania. She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl), the latest hit from the indie-pop/Americana rock ensemble Feels Like Fire. Serving as the standout single from their first album Amaranthine, this song stands as a testament to the band’s essence: sweeping tunes, captivating stories, and the clear unity of artists devoted to their craft.

At its core, She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl) is a narrative of enchantment and longing, encapsulating the feeling of encountering someone so mesmerizing that they seem out of reach. The lyrics, “she must be from uptown, cos it’s cold in this downtown world, and she’s on fire,” paint a vivid contrast between the mundane, grayscale routine of daily life and the vibrant, warming presence of someone extraordinary. This juxtaposition is not just a theme in their music but a reflection of the band’s journey and the magic they aim to capture in their songs.

The single is a masterclass in building momentum, with an arrangement that starts with the subtle interplay of drums, guitar, and piano, and crescendos into a powerful, stadium-worthy finale. This track is complemented by strong lyrical imagery, warm harmonies, and an emotive vocal performance by lead singer Justin Smith, who brings the story to life with a personal touch.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Smith shares, “I wrote the song while living & working in Harrisburg, the capital city of Pennsylvania. My daily life, working, was pretty monotonous, dull, cold, black and white… Until this girl appeared like a colourful, warm tidal wave against a black & white backdrop city canvas.”

Their name​ (Feels Like Fire​) itself is a testament to the exhilaration and fulfillment they find in making music together. Despite previous attention from major record labels and two record deals on the table, the band chose to forge their own path, culminating in the creation of Amaranthine.

As She’s on Fire (Uptown Girl) makes its rounds across playlists and radio stations, Feels Like Fire looks ahead with optimism and excitement. Their mission is clear: to bring their heartfelt, anthemic indie-pop/rock to audiences worldwide.