Feel the energy of The Lamps’ new track ‘Ride Along’

It's the perfect teaser for their new 12-track album 'The Sea, The Fog, The Rust'. Get ready to feel the energy.
13th July 2023

San Francisco-based alternative rock band The Lamps has an amazing sound. These guys are seriously talented musicians, and their music is on another level.

You’ve got Joe Krahling on drums and Harrison Laver rocking the guitar and lead vocals, Scott Holdridge brings his skills on lead guitar, while Christian Selig holds it down on bass and vocals.

Their exciting new indie-rock track, Ride Along is the perfect teaser for their new 12-track album The Sea, The Fog, The Rust. Get ready to feel the energy. This song is absolutely electrifying and will capture your attention all the way.

When the band pitched ideas for their lyrics, they totally hit the gold with revenge as their nasty theme. They conjured up this intense story about a guy who’s on a rampage to avenge his wife’s murder.

The chorus really captures the narrator’s feelings of desperation, acceptance, and determination. Then in the second verse, our main character stumbles upon the killer’s trailer but stays cool and confident that they will eventually come out on top.

Ride Along is packed with intense emotions and you can tell the band had an absolute blast working on it together. This is definitely one of those collabs they really loved and you can hear it in every note.

The Lamps are a cool indie rock band who take inspiration from all kinds of music genres like jazz, surf, blues, Americana, and alternative rock. This band’s unique mix of styles adds a fresh energy to the indie rock scene.

Photo by Evan Dorsky