Fat Goth’s ‘Enorme!’ | An intense blast of riotous rage

Having recently taken a bit of break from making music together, Scottish rockers Fat Goth – Kevin Black, Mark Keiller, Fraser Stewart – are back with a brand new album, ‘Enorme!’. An intense blast of riotous rage, there isn’t a dull a moment to be had in all its thirty minutes.

Album opener ‘Guestbook’ immediately grabs you with its frenzied riffs racing alongside pounding beats and the distinct, gritty vocals of Fraser Stewart. With shades of supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, it’s the perfect introduction to the band’s seething fourth offering.

From the Metallica-inspired riffs and impassioned growl of classic rock number ‘Somewhat Awkward’ to the stomping basslines and snarling fury of ‘Throughbred’, each track is an angst-driven reflection on today’s damaged society. Whether it’s the intense, raw outrage oozing from ‘Carpe Diem’, or the swirling mass of rich, screeching riffage found in album highlight ‘Verisimilitude’, there is not a second when the anger-fuelled energy ceases. With its immense head-banging rhythms, and ferocious hooks, ‘Enorme!’ certainly delivers a pretty huge sound.

A fantastically raucous and genuinely emotion-strewn collection of tracks that will fuel your fire and motivate you to get up and rage against society’s wrongs, Enorme! lets us know Fat Goth are well and truly back.

Enorme! is out now via Hefty Dafty Records.


Photography by Michael Lambert