Fasina unveils the standout single ‘WAISTLINE’ extracted from his expansive 13-track album, ‘Freshie’

"Freshie by definition is an immigrant, non-belonger which essentially creates someone craving to be free within a society set up for selectiveness"
10 November 2023

Originating from Nigeria, Fasina, the globetrotting and burgeoning wordsmith in the Afro-pop scene, is a name that reverberates well beyond the borders of his homeland.​ With a resumé that boasts hits like MIXED SIGNALS and SPLIT, Fasina is now set to release his highly anticipated album, Freshie, a 13-track journey through the heart of his artistic prowess.

Drawing inspiration from his extensive travels, long and short-term relationships, and a deep well of self-awareness, Freshie is a testament to Fasina’s ability to create a rich, varied soundscape within the Afro-pop genre. The album, a fusion of introspective lyricism and vibrant energy, invites fans to immerse themselves in Fasina’s unique musical universe.

The latest single, WAISTLINE featuring Minz, serves as a prime example of Fasina’s sonic signature. The laidback beat, adorned with spacey synths, provides the perfect canvas for Fasina’s hypnotic vocal patterns. Minz’s contribution adds an extra layer of dynamism, with smooth vocal harmonies that cascade throughout the track, creating a absorbing auditory experience.

Exploring the core meaning behind the album, Fasina describes Freshie as an escape blueprint for those who, like himself, feel like immigrants and non-belongers in a society marked by selectiveness. The album’s carefully curated melodies and language are designed to include anyone enamored with rhythmic fusion blends, transcending cultural boundaries.

Delving deeper into the album’s essence and nomenclature, Fasina elucidates on the fundamental meaning behind the project​: “Freshie by definition is an immigrant, non-belonger which essentially creates someone craving to be free within a society set up for selectiveness. This album is an escape blueprint, from the melodies down to the language it’s been carefully selected to include anyone who’s a fan of​ Rhythmic fusion blends.” 

Since bursting onto the scene in 2016, Fasina has carved a niche for himself within the Afro-pop soundscapes. Fasina’s music has amassed over 4 million streams on Spotify alone. His unique style and seamless integration of diverse genre elements set him apart in a crowded musical landscape.

Fasina, based between London and Lagos, is not just an artist; he’s a storyteller with a deep tone cadence. Featured on the legendary Nigerian rap duo SDC’s 2019 album alongside heavyweights like Burna Boy and Tems, Fasina has earned praise from icons like Lewis Hamilton and Swizz Beatz. As he prepares for the next phase of his growth in Nigeria, Fasina’s journey promises to be as captivating as the melodies that define his art.