Punky Allsorts is the self proclaimed Mad Hatter of the Fashion Industry.
Specialising in beaded jewellery, our bracelets made from candy coloured beads have been spotted all over the front rows of London and New York Fashion weeks, and on the trendy celebrity elite .

A Punky Allsorts bracelet is the latest celebrity fashion trend and a must have item of celebrity jewellery.

Singer Gabriella Cilmi Wears Punky Allsorts

After sporting her quirky candy-colored jewellery on stage, British pop-punk musician Alayna Salter founded Punky Allsorts in January 2008 in response to the overwhelming demand from admirers.
Originally just a personal hobby, Punky Allsorts unintentionally took off with people continually stopping her on the street offering to buy Alayna’s designs off of her wrist.

Thus Madame Allsorts, Alayna’s quirky designer alter ego, was born.
Living by the notion that fashion should be bold and statement making, Madame Allsorts takes a whimsical lighthearted approach to her edgy designs. The girly, carnival inspired designs stay grounded with intermittent skulls and dice creating a tough femininity uniquely Allsorts.

Composed of all things bold and statement making, our collections are overflowing with self-expression and bright playful designs.

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