The pair wrote the track together, which is a rare occurrence considering they have previously been stationed at either end of the US – writing and producing collaboratively via facetime. 

Discussing the release, Far Places said: Homecoming is about the past and present colliding. It’s about going back to that town and seeing that person again. You become who you used to be for a while, taking refuge from current life with someone from the past. This record is about collecting the moments and relationships we carry around with us, our memorabilia. Each track has pieces of people and places we can’t forget. These impressionistic songs latch on to glimpses and instants, but the feelings of each moment come through powerfully. The familiarity of old love is intoxicating and comfortable, but there is a melancholy to this song. Despite that pull, we know that certain people are best left in the past. Nonetheless, we find ourselves lost in the feeling, feelings we should have left back with 22.”