Historically, the United Kingdom can count many of the most significant and influential figures in a wide variety of fields as alumni of its universities. With many of the top-ranked universities in the world – among them Oxford and Cambridge – the UK remains a hotbed of talent. Here are some current famous faces and where in the UK they graduated from.

Chris Pine – University of Leeds

Chris Pine’s breakout role was in JJ Abrams reboot of the Star Trek franchise. Pine bravely took up the helm as Captain Kirk and made the role his own. A native of the United States, Pine graduated from the University of California, in Berkeley, in 2002, spending a year as an exchange student at the university of Leeds.

The actor has repeatedly reflected positively on his time in the UK since then. His Hollywood career has continued to take off, but the star still finds time to check back in on the UK now and then.

Graham Hancock – Durham University

Graham Hancock is a writer and journalist who has gained a dedicated and loyal following for his unconventional theories. On the back of his own research, and employing the skills he learned as both a journalist and a Sociology student, Graham Hancock has produced a number of books which challenge conventionally held beliefs about history, spirituality, and science.

Whether you ascribe to his views or not, there is no denying his passion. Whether he is arguing for new interpretations of the data of our earliest ancestors or espousing the virtues of space elves (no really), Hancock has an undeniable passion for his subject. By looking at student accommodation in Durham, especially these accommodation options in Durham, you get a sense that this is one of those British cities that is often described as ‘delightfully quirky’. A fitting backdrop for this kind of work no doubt.

Albert Einstein – Oxford

If there was ever a person who needed no introduction…Prior to his emigration to the United States in the 1930s, Albert Einstein was briefly a student at Christ College, one of a number of colleges attached to Oxford University. He would go on to revolutionise the world in a number of ways, not least of all his involvement in the Manhattan project.


In the case of Cambridge University, it seems like to pick a single graduate would be to do the place a huge disservice. When you see the list of famous alumni, you will understand why.

Perhaps one of their oldest famous former students is Oliver Cromwell. A divisive figure in British history, hero to some, genocidal dictator to others. Cromwell attended Sidney Sussex College in 1917. Only a decade later, the poet John Milton would also graduate from Cambridge.

Skip forward and you also discover that Alan Turing, the godfather of computer science graduated from the university within a century of Charles Darwin.

Cambridge is a world-renowned university for a reason, and it has served as an incubator for some of the most significant figures in world history.

UK universities have hosted a wealth of famous figures over the centuries. The above list is by no means exhausted. It is heartening to see talent coming from across the country.