‘The Tide Pulls From The Moon’ is the single from the album ‘Gold In The Shadow’ by the Pennsylvanian songwriter William Fitzsimmons.
William Fitzsimmons’ acclaimed previous releases have been detailed and agonising retellings of events however the forthcoming album ‘Gold In The Shadow’ is about Fitzsimmons’ personal regeneration in the aftermath of those experiences.

William explains: “I had reached the point where I was either going to yield to my sicknesses or engage them headlong. In either case, I could no longer continue the way I was.”

Fitzsimmons describes the songs on ‘Gold In The Shadow’ as “a real and long-coming confrontation with personal demons, past mistakes and the spectre of mental illness which has hovered over me for the great majority of my life.”

Gold In The Shadow represents a welcomed musical departure, not from authenticity in writing, but in the field of focus. It is a return to his pre-music therapeutic passions, but with one eye now fixated on actual and optimistic change.

It is ripe with personal elements, but also represents his first foray into external perspective taking; examining the lives and psychological struggles of those around him in addition to his own.

It is an acknowledgement of the shadow self and the Todestrieb (Freud’s “death instinct”); but, even still and more so, an acceptance of hope.

‘Gold In The Shadow’ Album released April 11th 2011 On Nettwerk Records