Viv And The Revival1Philadelphia-based Viv And The Revival unveils ‘I Want It’, a fetching rock ‘n’ roll number taken from his debut EP ‘The Introduction’, out now on Republic Records. The guitar-driven rock EP is the perfect follow up to Viv self-released 2011 EP, And Then The World Part 1.

Viv explains: “I’ve played music my whole life, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I live to hear beautiful sounds and create noise. I’ve only recently learned that you have to do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be, because that is the only way you will be happy.”Viv And The Revival3He adds: “I write songs about life, love, hope and peace… and everything in between. To quote one of my favorite artists, Bob Marley, “The one good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain…I want every person that ever comes to one of my concerts or listens to one of my songs to feel something, and to connect to the sounds…”

Photos by Jodi Samsel