Music lovers can rejoice, Tunde Olaniran releases his new single “Cobra’. The song is the lead-up to “Transgressor Part 1,” the first of a 5-part album release scheduled for this year on Detroit label Exchange Bureau.
Each EP will be accompanied by the release of a corresponding experimental science-fiction short movie.

The first video will be called “The First Transgression,” featuring a cameo from Adrienne Maree Brown, a nationally-recognized social justice activist. The full EP will feature a remix of Cobra from Berlin DJ/Producer Chris De Luca, and a feature from Detroit’s Miz Korona.

Tunde Olaniran explains: “Cobra is a song I wrote and produced about the necessary duality people use when we interact with the world. Hard/soft, aggressive/passive, lover/fighter.. we have to know when and how to switch between these two sides to survive. For example, the phrase “White Flag in my left/gun in my right hand” represents me wanting to come from a peaceful perspective, but also knowing you often have to fight for what you want and what you believe in. In the chorus, I’m asking the cobra to give me some of its strength and power, while knowing I “need to become both sides of one coin.”

Tunde adds: “When I shot the video, I featured people in my life that I felt really embodied this idea of the cobra: they are all people that walk that balance and know when it’s time for peace and time to fight for their goals and beliefs.”